Getting qualified leads just 2 days after redesign - Alucid website redesign

Alucid is a revolutionary new system of patented online authentication. It is simple, secure and easy to implement. You do not need any passwords to access your online accounts, no certificates and no need to retype any confirmation codes or text messages. You can use any device while being protected with FBI-level asymmetrical cryptography.

The business need

Alucid had a new breakthrough technology but and old site. The site was not optimised to explain the benefits or attract qualified leads.

Alucid old homepage

Old homepage

The page suffered from a lot of issues.



Technical aspects

The challenge

The main purpose of the website is lead generation. The current site does a bad job of explaining this novel solution and guiding the user to the ultimate goal - filling a contact form.

The solution

Alucid hired ILINCEV to redesign the site. The main goals were to engage potential customers by:

We proceeded to wireframe the whole site in Axure PRO. Although this proved beneficial for agreeing on the navigation structure and content, it was too prescriptive as far as the look and feel of the site was concerned. So we ignored the design aspect of the wireframed site and started sketching.

Alucid new website wireframe

Wireframed homepage

Initial sketches of the site design

The aha moment came when we looked closely at the logo. Specifically at the letter A. We used the angle of the stems, turned them 90 degrees and made an overlapping pattern.

Alucid design sketches

Wireframed homepage

Finished design including responsive versions

The site is fully responsive with the design changing in 4 widths (smartphone portrait / landscape, tablet portrait / landscape).

New design of the Alucid homepage

New responsive designs of the Alucid homepage

Homepage design

New design of the Alucid homepage

New design of the Alucid homepage


Only 2 days after the redesign the client told us that he started to get qualified leads which he is in contact with and discussing the possibility of implementing the Alucid authentication solution.