1 000 000 visitors per month means you only have one chance for a redesign - Annonce website redesign

ANNONCE is the biggest classified advertisements newspaper in the country with circulation of 350 000 newspapers per month. It has 300 000 registered online users, and close to 250 000 ads daily.

The business need

The usability testing found out people have a hard time using the site, it seemed complicated and they had trouble publishing their advertisements.

Annonce old homepage

Old homepage

The page suffered from a lot of issues.



Technical aspects

The challenge

The main purpose of the website is to get people to publish their advertisement. Most are free, some are paid. The current site hides the publishing feature which is the single most important call to action. And to add insult to injury, when you find the button, you are presented with 220 categories.

Some people come to search for ads. These get a decent experience, but that is not where the money is.

The solution

ANNONCE hired FatDUX (we are partners) to usability test the current site and redesign it. The main goals were to:

We proceeded to wireframe the whole site in Balsamiq. We ended up with 5 responsive versions of each template. We ended up with more than 250 wireframes.

Annonce homepage in responsive resolutions

Wireframed homepage in responsive resolutions

Finished design including responsive versions

After just a few variations, we agreed on the overall concept. The rest was just craftsmanship and a lot of hours.


Annonce homepage design

Redesigned homepage

Single ad page - in the cars section

Annonce car ad design

Redesigned car ad

Payment page

Annonce payment design

Payment page with no distracting ads

Publishing the ad

The page looks for specific keywords and suggest the best categories to put your advert in. That way we were able to sidestep the 220 categories nightmare.

Annonce publishing the ad design

Redesigned publishing of the advert

Responsive versions

The site is fully responsive with the design changing in 5 widths (smartphone portrait / landscape, tablet portrait / landscape and high resolution screen).

New design of the Alucid homepage

New responsive design of ANNONCE


After the redesign went live, the client was prepared for negative feedback. But he got just 15 negative comments in the first month (and close to a million visits).
The traffic had risen by 10% which seems small, but the competition lost about 20% in the same time period. After our SEO analysis and report he did get a 120% increase in indexed pages by Google and other search engines.