Doubling traffic in 4 months - Anect website redesign

ANECT is a leading supplier of professional information and communication technology solutions. They are focused on providing comprehensive communication system and networking solutions for medium and large enterprises. They offer an increase the value of ICT investment by identifying and optimising that part of information and communication technology which supports core business processes and/or strategic development visions.

The business need

ANECT was finishing up a big website redesign project, that included user testing, wireframing, personas etc. But everyone felt that the proposed solution was not right and they didn't identify with the look and feel of the site. The client said: "Seeing the website, I don't feel like this is a company I want to do business with."

ANECT old homepage

Redesigned homepage no one liked

The redesign suffered from a lot of suboptimal issues.



Technical aspects

The challenge

The main problem was that the redesign project was well on its way and the budget was almost spent. On top of that there were upcoming events in a few months and ANECT wanted to present themselves in the best possible light.

The solution

ANECT had the courage to stop the previous project. They then hired ILINCEV for an agile redesign. We agreed to move quickly, do the bare minimum and build on top of that in small steps. The redesign took 2 weeks and was presented to the board of directors via teleconference. Having 10 people agree on a design seemed like a very difficult process, but the concept, layouts and responsive versions were agreed on that meeting. The marketing manager later came to us and said:"I was afraid of the outcome, but this is just incredible. Not in my wildest dreams did I imagine we would get sign-off on the first meeting."

The new homepage

ANECT new homepage

Redesigned homepage (full resolution)

Ongoing relationship

Since the redesign, we have implemented a responsive site (smartphone and tablet friendly), custom CMS, designed Landing Pages and banners, ran ongoing A/B tests, helped with their branding, etc.


Apart from a very positive feedback from ANECT's clients and partners we have managed to double the incoming traffic in 4 months (during the slow December-February period). Other KPIs improved as well: Search Engine traffic improved by 155%, time on site is up by 27%.

doubling of traffic

Traffic doubled in the November-February period.