GP Webpay remote usability testing

We did a quick usability test for a site, that promotes a payment gateway product called GP Webpay. It recently went through a redesign and the client wanted to know how effective the website is.


The users started with a 5 second test, then tried to accomplish 8 tasks and then answered 5 follow up questions.

GP webpay

GP Web-page homepage


Most participants had a good idea what/who the site is for. They also liked the design. The main problem was persuading them to make a purchase. Mainly because of the absence of clear pricing, difficult buying process and the lack of live (technical) support.

5 second test
Users had no problem identifying what is the core business of the website. They mainly remembered the 1st slide content, the logo (which they usually misread) and slogan. They seldom scrolled passed the first few screens.

Buying process
All participants found out the 4 steps buying process. It took a while for them to understand that they need to contact their bank first. Although they did understand the process, most of them found it too intimidating.

2 out of 5 participants took 4 minutes to find out the pricing. But all of them complained that it was extremely difficult and suggested having at least a ballpark range. They also lacked some contract terms such as bulk/percentage pricing, recurring payments etc.

All participants presumed the webpay solution can be implemented pretty much on any e-shop. As non-technical people, they ignored the php/javascript as the only programming languages.

Contacting Technical Support
All users had no trouble finding the contact form. They suggested having a more personal and live connection to the support, such as a phone or a live chat.

3 out of 5 participants had no idea how to implement the payment gateway. Some were put of by the need of a programmer as they were used to a plug-in solutions such as Paypal or Google Checkout.

Users viewed,,,, and Most websites were viewed as less nice in terms of design. was perceived as more trustworthy and with more usable and detailed information.

Would you buy?
3 out of 5 users refused to buy GP webpay. They thought the product was:
Too intimidating and complicated, didn’t know how to purchase and how much it would cost them, they also disliked the lack of live support and free trial.

Follow-up Questions